This is my BatPage. It contains all the songs, poetry and selected prose whitterings I’m willing to admit to having written.  The stuff falls into four types and three domains.

The types are songs, poetry, prose and filk; that last may need some explaining: suffice to say that my definition of filk is “songs to the tune of other songs”.  That’s not the common definition of filk, which is more like songs written by geeks of one type or another, but I’m with Humpty on the topic of words meaning what I say they mean.

The domains are SCAdian, choral and general.  I’ve been a member of the SCA since 1992 and was active in university choirs from 1995 to 2003, so that’s those ones; the general domain is anything else, and is generally a little bit of politics, a fair bit of geeky stuff and some general piffle.

Of course, if you’re here for the political stuff, here’s a map to help you find it.  And if a certain civilisation-demolishing virus is your thing, here’s the list of those songs.

This is all my work, except for a few things I’m hosting for other artists.  You can sing, recite or yodel them to your heart’s content provided you don’t misrepresent them as your own work. Copyright remains with the author, which is me unless otherwise stated.  The Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence applies to all my work; standard copyright applies to anything that isn’t by me.  I think the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation put it best: share and enjoy!