Ode to Wee Jamie

Wee Laird Jamie Blakehart was a larger-than-life fellow who died of man-flu.  Seriously!  He had some symptoms and he ignored them because come on, it’s just a sniffle…

I wrote this for him because I knew I couldn’t make it to the Festival where his wake would be held. Apparently it has become frequently requested all over the known world.

The tune is by Baron Domhnal.

January 2012

I don’t drink myself, but it seems to me
The Festival tavern this year should be
The place for a wake, oh, like none before
To remember the man who will drink no more.

And I won’t be there, oh, but this I’ll say:
If his Lady should need even once to pay
For a single drink all of Easter time
Let every man blush for his heinous crime!

And I don’t believe, or perhaps I do:
Wee Jamie and Murgatroyd, Aveline too
The Bard Cillian, Gawyne, and Gryffon du Lac —
We know you still live and we want you back!