The Griffin The Ship And The Tree

Baron Stephen decided to start up a trophy for, as I recall, baronial battles. The idea was that, every Rowany Festival, the baronies of Lochac would have a war, and the winner would receive a whopping big trophy shield thingy, on which they would paint thier device. The first year, River Haven won, and Stephen asked me to write a song in praise of them. Having recently heard Fionnbar’s version of Follow Me Up To Carlow I decided to write something with a similar feel. And while I was at it, I felt like plugging the heraldic side of things a bit. Baron & Baroness River Haven were most pleased.

[Easter 1996]

Come gather an army in silver and blue,
A baron, a lady, a singer or two,
Your champions ready to battle on through
The Griffin, the Ship and the Tree.

The Griffin a challenge has issued today:
“In honour we’ll meet in a mighty melee,
“The Barony’s forces: the Horse of the Sea,
“The Griffin, the Ship and the Tree.”

A riot of colour, a rainbow of arms,
A hundred devices displaying their charms.
The vision of unity clearly alarms
The Griffin, the Ship and the Tree.

A lady-in-waiting her mistress defends;
A bard takes a blow for his baron and friends;
United they stand till the battling ends (with)
The Griffin, the Ship and the Tree.

It wasn’t ordained to be simple and sure:
They battered and battled to even the score,
But then their opponents weren’t there any more:
The Griffin, the Ship and the Tree.