The Known Words

The Known Words is a songbook for the Kingdom of Lochac in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  It grew out of my collection of songs sung at bardic circles throughout Lochac, and is now available online in PDF format for the first time.

Please download a copy, print it out, proofread it, sing-test it, and send me corrections and suggestions.

As a hint: the book is designed to be printed double-sided (ie duplex) and ring-bound on the long edge, with page 2n and 2n+1 facing each other.  If you can open it out to see the whole Contents and Cross Reference in one go, and the whole of King Henry without having to turn a page mid-song, you’ve printed it correctly.

Download The Known Words, Third Ethereal Edition, revision 4.06. This is the proper release of this edition, and should be largely error-free. Feel free to print it if you wish, or let me know if you would like to buy a printed and bound copy.

Other Resources

Please send in recordings of any of the songs you feel like singing. Short of finding someone with the time and skill to produce sheet music for all 112 (and counting) songs, that’s the best way to help people learn the ones they don’t already know.