The Post-Olympic Anthem

After we’d recovered from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, we all looked around and, greatly to our surprise, discovered that the whole thing hadn’t, in fact, been a complete disaster. Good grief!

This is yet another song to the tune of Advance Australia Fair.

[October 2000]

Australians, count your blessings now;
We got away with it!
‘Cause SOCOG could have easily
Turned everything to shit.
We gave the world a brilliant show
In every major sense,
With fifty thousand volunteers
And no derailments!
We even won some medals at
The bloody Yanks’ expense!

We’ll farewell all the volunteers
In Okanui blue.
They did so well, they all deserve
Olympic medals too!
‘Though Melbourne had the “Friendly Games”,
We’ve proved that we’re unique —
And now I hear that Knight’s retired:
It’s been a perfect week!
And in four years we’ll still look good:
The next Games will be Greek!