The War Drum Song

From The Known Words 2, long out of print and replaced by The Known Words, which doesn’t include this (among others) due to it being not of sufficiently high standard:

Here’s a song that cries out for a good, steady drumbeat accompaniment. It would probably work well with a few strong basses thundering the chorus out; I must try that some time.


Let the foemen tremble in their sheep-skin boots.
Let the wise men wonder. Let the babies cry.
Let the ravens assemble, here for war’s dark fruits.
Let the clouds roll thunder from the grey dawn sky.

This is war! Woman, shiver in your bed.
This is war! Fill your stomach full of dread.
This is war! See the hillside run with red.
This is war! Count your loves among the dead.

Let the war drums’ clamour drown the dawn bird’s chime.
Let the trumpet chorus fill the air with gold.
Let the marchers hammer every step in time.
Let the chant before us turn our foes blood cold.

Let their arms not falter. Let their strength not die.
Let their rage devour every restless fear.
Let the true God’s alter lift their prayers on high.
Let the same God’s power bring us victory here.