Build Me A Clone

The mad Antinori decided to get himself some publicity by offering to clone a human being, on the principle that public ignorance could be financial bliss. This is about that. Naturally enough it’s to the tune of Send In The Clowns.


Isn’t it mad! Aren’t we insane!
Trying to outdo the gods at their own game!
Build me a clone!

Is there a law? Who must approve?
Or is it ethical chess — move, countermove?
Where is my clone?
Build me a clone!

Just when that sheep started to drift
Out of the papers and cloning again got short shrift,
Here’s Antinori again, with a medical coup,
Claiming he’s right, but can it be true?

Don’t you love kids?
Cuddly and dear!
I’m sure that they’ll be who I’ve been,
Or reas’nably near
Quick, build me a clone…
But don’t make him queer!

Isn’t it mad! Aren’t we obsessed!
Certain that everyone will be so impressed!
Where is my clone? I don’t see my clone!
Well… maybe that’s best.
… Maybe that’s best.