The Snow-Spangled Banner

Every now and then, visitors from other kingdoms come to Antarctica and raise their flags, thinking to claim the icy wastes for their own evil purposes.  Fortunately, Lochac got there a long time ago, back when an accident of the postal system put the Australian Antarctic Territory into the same postcode as Hrolf and Maddie, then Baron and Baroness of Ynys Fawr.  I propose that all future visitors sing this song as they raise their flags, to emphasise their proper place.  The tune should be fairly obvious, I hope.

[October 2016]

O say can you see,
on the Antarctic ice
what so proudly we wave
as the penguins stand waiting?
‘Tis the flag of our realm,
in its colours so nice,
with permission received
here by Lochac’s own great King!
As the bright Southern Light
fills the long day-slash-night,
we humbly give thanks
for our time on Your site.
How gladly we visit Your never-disputed reign
o’er the lands of the south,
till we sail home again!