Fabulous Monsters

A dramatisation of the scene in Alice’s Adventures Through The Looking Glass that gave the Fabulous Monster her nickname.

[late 1999]

Said the Unicorn to Alice,
“I mean you no malice,
“But I’m rather surprised you exist!”
Said Alice to the Unicorn,
“I’m amazed you were ever born.
“I was told you’re a fictional twist!”

But oh, you’re a fabulous monster
And oh, you’re a wondrous surprise
I’m sure you’re a dream
Or a glimmer or gleam
When I gaze in your glorious eyes!

Said the beast to the beauty,
“I’m sure it’s my duty,
“To be otherwise elsewhere employed,
“But I’d rather be sitting here
“For it’s so much more fitting here
“Where the day can be rightly enjoyed.”

Said the human to the herbivore,
“I’ve not had such fun before,
“This is soothing and sweet to my mind.
“Mr Carroll’s a lovely man,
“But I’m tired of his clever plan:
“I’d prefer to relax and unwind!”

Said the She to the Chimera,
“But daylight grows dimmer, a
“Young Lady should not stand about.”
Said the creature with a little sigh,
“I shall see you when the sun is high,
“We shall dance once again, I’ve no doubt.”