Auctioning Heavies In The Dark

About the Fighter Auction, to the tune of Poisoning Pigeons In The Park.

Easter 2016.

King is here, King is here,
Crowds of fighters in rusted gear.
Quite the most lucrative time of the year
Would be now, will be, and how, wait and see!
For the Festival schedule is incomplete
Till punters with wodges of cash compete.

All the Hall seems in tune by the light of the moon
As we’re auctioning heavies in the dark.
Late Sunday you’ll see the heralds and me
As we’re auctioning heavies in the dark.
When they see us coming, the populace run and see.
I just hope they brought their negotiable currency.
The hour is late but the stock is first-rate
When we’re auctioning heavies in the dark.

There’s loads of variety
No cause for anxiety
They’re the cream of Society
All revealed
These kings of sobriety
Will rarely run rioty
They’re peaceful and quiety
Except on the field!
But it’s not against Law and Corpora
To want to pick up a high scorer.

So, since entry is free why don’t you come with me
And we’ll auction some heavies in the dark
If  money is low, grab a squire to go
As we’re auctioning heavies in the dark.

We’ll auction them all, you can purchase their loyalty
Except for the offcuts we’ll flog to the royalty…
The moon may be low, but there’s talent on show
When we auction some heavies
(Though we can’t sell you bevvies)
We’re auctioning heavies in the dark.