The Shambles

The SCA mailing list, named The Shambles by Balrog some years ago, is a mixed blessing. The mixture is caused mostly by a small but incredibly clueless collection of idiots with all the net.savvy of George W. Hey ho.


The mailing list known as the Shambles
Was one of Del’s sillier gambles:
That in our Society
He’d find some sobriety —
When mostly, they’re thicker than brambles.

You’d think, after decades of practice
This List would have much to attract us —
Instead it’s a mass
Of the selfish and crass:
And as tools go, it’s pretty well cactus.

The List isn’t mine to be judging;
I tried, but I hated the drudging.
I gave up control
For the the good of my soul —
So accept this as nothing but nudging.

The Earth is a planet of wonder;
With so many spells to fall under.
If your contribution
Is mail pollution —
You’d best tear your modem asunder.