The Youth Of Today

A friend wrote about a newcomer she met who was particularly inspirational in how carefully and considerately he took to the SCA.  I was inspired to write this to the tune of Sydney Carter’s The Youth Of The Heart, as sung by Flanders and Swann.

May 2018

I once met a young man, so earnest and eager,
Sing me your stories, he’d soberly say.
He filled up his slate in a hand close and careful
Here is my home now, I’ve chosen to stay.

Oh, the youth of today
They are lazy and shameful
You say — so I’ll give you
This counter-example

I offered a chance for a nobleman’s schooling
In strutting and swordplay, the art of a man
He said, perhaps later, when truly I’ve earned it:
A student must strive at the speed that he can.

With thread and with needle, he sewed all the morning,
The day and the evening, till setting of sun.
Where others might curse at recalcitrant fabric,
He sighed and continued until he was done.

When Festival came, as the goal of all yearning,
He rode on his pony, a small, weedy beast,
He set about serving both novice and noble,
And sharing his passion with greatest and least.

So all you old fogies who fear for tomorrow,
Remember my song now and try not to moan:
The future is held in the hands of the dreamers
Who cherish your stories and now make their own.