The Respectable Song

When Margie and Siridean were King and Queen, certain rumours began to spread regarding their moral failings.  Each was often seen in the company of unknown persons of a compatible but complementary gender, and people began to whisper that perhaps they were being unfaithful!  As loyal subjects of the Crown, my Beloved and I naturally strove to put down these rumours.  (The Beloved wrote the tune for this, which can be seen here: p1, p2 with slight typo in last verse.)


The Queen is quite respectable, the King’s respectable too.
I’m sure they don’t do have the stuff the rumours say they do!
And being hanged for treason is no fun, I think, don’t you?
So the Queen is quite respectable, the King is too.

The man the Queen was spotted with was surely just a friend.
Perhaps her tent was leaking so he popped inside to lend
A helping hand… for sev’ral hours… in fact the whole weekend…
But for sure the Queen’s respectable so let the stories end!

The lady with His Majesty is certainly a prize.
And with her is a strapping lad who has his Leige’s eyes.
But maybe he’s a Royal spy, in masterful disguise.
For the King is quite respectable, so silence would be wise!

Their Majesties are busy folk, with lots to think about.
There’s peers and Kingdom officers, who love to rant and shout.
And maybe just a civil war in need of planning out…
But they’re clearly quite respectable–
Their flaws are imperceptible–
A wise man would reject it all, we have no doubt!