The Peerage And The Damage Done

Apropos of nothing in particular… I happened to get Neil Young’s song The Needle And The Damage Done in my head a couple of days ago, and this is the result: a little song about the peerage wannabes we see around the place, the ones who will move heaven and earth to help and teach and be a shining example… but only if someone important is watching. I’m sure none of you are like this, but is there anyone out there who hasn’t met someone who is?

[March 2000]

I saw you fawning on the latest Queen
“And might I say you look divine in green…”
Oh, oh, the peerage dream.

You love to cook, you love to clean the hall —
But if no one’s watching, you’re not there at all.
Gone, gone, the peerage dream.

I sing this song because I used to hope
You’d be a leader, not a crawling dope
Sell your soul to win a silver chain…

I’ve seen the yearning for the peerage dream
A little hunger for some self-esteem
What’s at the top, it isn’t always cream…