The origin of this is my burning need to understand how a bunch of stick-thumping geek-jocks in shiny tin suits could keep producing legends, year after year.  The answer was: it’s not about the tin-suited fighters; it’s about the consorts who inspire them.  The mythology about the Queen providing the Inspiration isn’t mythology – it’s one of the most important truths about our Society.

The tune is here, slightly wobbly because I didn’t warm up enough.  Good enough for government work, anyhow.

November 2017 – June 2023

We played at swords! We played at swords in makeshift armour:
A band of friends, a costumed game, no cunning plan.
One took a wreath, on idle whim, and crowned his Lady,
And from one Queen a mighty Dream at once began.

Empires fall in time to dust
And kingdoms crumble
When no trace of all their places can be seen
One bare truth you yet may trust
And do not stumble:
All our stories come together* in our Queen.
[*last repeat: live forever]

The bold right hand, the noble brow, the helm and gauntlet,
Are what we cheer when battle’s near and trumpets sing!
But who can breathe a breath without his inspiration?
Without a Queen to hold the Dream, no man is King.

Go train and strain, devote your lives, you mighty heroes,
Supposing prowess on the day will gain the throne.
Or take a pause to heed their words, the wise among you
Who know no man can dream so grand who stands alone.