Political Songs

If you’re here for the political satire and don’t want to wade through stuff from countries you don’t live in, here’s a categorised list to save you some time.


Australian culture is at the mercy of some pretty appalling people, who, due to the baleful influence of medical science, are not dying off quickly enough.

I believe Australian history needs to be looked at from the perspective of the whole country, not just the parts of it that sunburn easily and can’t dance.

In 2017, a cynical and failing government tried to play off its own rabidly “Christian” right-wing against the rest of the country by putting the concept of marriage equality to a vote. This inspired me to (a) call them a bunch of douchenozzles and (b) write songs.

Our elections are funny.  Not funny-ha-ha, more funny-peculiar, but at least they’re not the American style of funny-you-don’t-really-get-democracy-do-you.

When Tony Abbott became Prime Minister, he failed to impress.  Americans: we did Donald Trump waaaaaay before you, and we’re still suffering.

We also did UKIP before Britain.

We do have a welfare system. It’s pretty shite though.


US President William Jefferson Clinton made some stupid decisions that didn’t involve the contents of his underpants.

The Comedy American President is the gift that keeps on giving.

For a while back in 2001, America got worldwide sympathy. Then they killed more innocents with their misplaced invasion than were killed in the event that inspired it.  Took about three months.  Bravo!

The year 2017 seems to have finally tipped something in the USian psyche so that it’s almost possible for women to expect to be treated like human beings, kinda-sorta.  That’d be nice, eh?

Unfortunately it also seems to have kicked off a lot of racist bullshit.  I blame the Discovery Channel: they finally ran out of Hitler documentaries, so they decided to make some new history.