Feather Boys

This is a song I half-wrote a very long time ago indeed. I was inspired, by the untimely departure for the halls of Valhalla of one Wee Laird Jamie, to finish it. Of course, this involves seeking assistance from others, because I want to get everybody (or nearly everybody) who was ever part of the Blue Feather encampment at Rowany Festival in the old days. It’s a work in progress…

To the tune of Bedlam Boys.

For to see Wee Baron Jamie,
To the Tavern I have wandered.
He’ll sell you mugs and foaming jugs,
If your gold you have not squandered.

Sing of Blue Feather boys
Pretty bold boys
Feather boys are pretty
For they all dress well and of flowers they smell
And they are so wise and witty.

I went down to Bastian’s kitchen
For to find a spot of dinner
And without no looks in dusty books
What he served left me no thinner

Knife Maker makes the table,
The pavilion and the showers
The candles shine all in a line
As a tribute to his powers.