Cis White Boomers

“In Australia, political debate comes in the middle of a journalistic monopoly, so when the internet delivers its news it’s not understood by old people because they can’t stand the terrible heat.  It’s interpreted by several rich, white, smug kleptocrats, called the Cis White Boomers…”

To the tune of Six White Boomers, by R**f H****s (pardon my language).

November 2019

Early in this century, perhaps our species’ last,
The generation gap grew too big too fast:
[young voice] “Future? Where’s my future? You stole it all away!”
[old voice] “You don’t deserve a future, son, not like in my day!”
So yeet your avocado toast and grab your rainbow flag
You can’t rely on Nan and Pop to lug this bag
You’ll wear your heart upon your sleeve, your pronouns on your shirt
And if they tell you “sit”, singing this will make them hurt:

Cis white boomers, straight white boomers
Burning up the sky all for Number One
Cis white boomers, OK boomers
I’d say your race is run

Pretty soon and everyone began to feel the heat
The wrinklies say the greens made it up to cheat
But wait until their coast house is swallowed by the tide
Why then it must be God’s wrath for all your sinful Pride!

A little girl from Sweden gave a speech that made the news
They said she’s not a scientist, ignore her views
A hundred thousand scientists agreed and made a fuss
They said, we don’t trust them, ’cause they’re not like us

‘Cause science says there is no threat from good old See Oh Two
And science says that sex is plain, just pink and blue,
And science says the world is flat, it says the young are fools
Well that’s what I recall but I was never good at school…

Well that’s the generation gap, a class gap even more:
The boomers say the young just don’t know the score
They’ll even say their music sounds like wailing of machines
But that’s the young just sharpening up their guillotines…