The Kingdoms

For anyone who has trouble remembering the names of all the kingdoms, here’s a song to the tune of Modern Major General, though inspired of course by Tom Lehrer’s The Elements (which I have filked previously). There aren’t enough for more than one verse, sadly. Pronunciation guide is as follows:

Pronunciation Guide
(assumes a southern English or Australian accent for the vowels; substitute /aw/ for /o/ if Californian)

Atenveldt: /ATE-‘n-velt/
Meridies: /m’-RID-ee-aze/
An Tir: /on-TIHR/
Gleann Abhann: /glen-AH-v’n/
Drachenwald: /DRAHK-‘n-vold/
Æthelmearc: /ETH-‘l-mark/
Ealdormere: /EL-d’r-mihr/
Caid: /ky-EED/
Lochac: /LOK-ahk/
Milpitas (home of the SCA Inc): /mil-PIT-‘s/

June 2016

There’s Ansteorra, Atenveldt, Meridies, Atlantia
Then Avacal, An Tir, the East, the West and Artemisia
Gleann Abhann, Middle, Drachenwald and Æthelmearc and Ealdormere
Trimaris, Northshield and Caid, the Outlands, Lochac, Calontir.
These are the only Kingdoms on the ledgers at Milpitas —
But there may be others coming if the BoD believes they fit us.