A Greeting from Politarchopolis

Presented to Their Excellencies, Torg and Lindoret, Baron and Baroness of Rowany, at Their Midwinter Feast, AS XXX. I was made Bard of Politarchopolis when the Barony was created, and the first bit of poetry I performed outside the Barony’s bounds nearly started a war. Thankfully, Torg and Lindoret overruled the rabid demands of their populace (no doubt driven to violence by envy at my own Barony’s far-superior feasts!) and sent back friendly greetings instead of my corpse.

Nowadays, Rowany’s feasts are much improved in quantity (quality, I admit, was never an issue). But if I want a good feed, I’ll still go home to Polit.

[July 1995]

Unto Torald, goodly moralled,
wise and well-versed Knight of Hawkhurst,
and Lindoret, who they all say
has all mirth in, of Bryn Myrddin,
do Lord Stephen, fair and even
(yet stick-jockly) Lord of Rockleigh,
and Mathilde, graceful, skilled
wife and patriot of Mynheniot
send their greeting to this meeting
here in Rowany, from their Barony.
May your feast attain — at least! —
standards fit to suit Polit!