The Testaments

To the tune and in the vein of Tom Lehrer’s The Elements (which is in turn a filk of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Modern Major General), this is a list of the books of the old and new testaments of the bible.


There’s Lamentations, Habakkuk and First and Second Chronicles
And Exodus, Leviticus and plus a pair of Samuels
Ecclesiastes, Obadiah, Ruth, Hosea, Daniel
And Jonah, Judges, Joshua and Genesis, Ezekiel

There’s Nehemiah, Song of Songs, and Micah, Ezra, Malachi
And Proverbs, Amos, Zechariah, Kings and sequel, Jeremi-
ah, Numbers, Esther, Zephaniah, Micah, Nahum, Joel, Haggai
Isaiah, Job, the book of Psalms and lastly Deuteronomy.

Then Revelations, Jude, Galations, two of Peter, Philemon
And Matthew, Romans, Acts, Ephesians, both Corinthians, Luke & John
The Thessalonians in a pair, and Titus and Phillipians
And three of John and Mark and James, and Hebrew, Tim, Collossians

And thus in matters biblical, I’d scarcely be ironical
To say my knowledge heretofore is ordered yet canonical.