King Horsey

One of the other challenges of the May Coronet Bardic Eistedfodd was an impromptu, with 15 minutes preparation time, on the topic of the mammoth spectacle the Florianites put on during the feast, involving a three-act precis of the Trojan War. This and The Kurgan’s Song won me my first A&S award ever… probably my last, of course… The tune is King Henry.

May 1998

If ever a feast is being held there’s lots of work to do,
But the stewards of this Coronet could teach a thing or two.
Their food and banners work quite well; I liked the green fish sauce;
But the big mistake that Ulfgar made was the timing of his horse.

The horse was a marvel, so I hear, a wonder to behold,
With a head in proper Spartan style to match the tales of old.
But, sadly, no man hereabouts perceived this mighty toy;
We were all distracted, every one, by the Spartan Queen of Troy!

What horse, what horse, you autocrat, what horsie do you mean?
I don’t recall a horsie here; it’s not a thing I’ve seen.
But never mind, I’ll get my chance, this mighty beast I’ll see:
I plan to move to Florian’s to dwell more near to She!