Bruckner Claus

Baron Sir Bennett W MacPherson OBE QED RSVP is Conductor-For-Life of the Sydney Uni Musical Society, and has been since that choir’s creation in 1469. He is a man of nigh-superhuman talent and charisma, and only the greatest of conductors in all history can begin to compare to him. He also has excellent facial hair. This is about him. It’s to the tune of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

[February 2002]

You better watch close,
You better not chat
You better keep time
I’m telling you that:
Bruckner Ben is leading the choir

He’s checking the rolls
And counting the names
He’s thoroughly wise
To all of your games –
Bruckner Ben is leading the choir

He sees you when you’re sleeping,
He hears when your voice breaks
He knows if you sing F or P,
So sing out, for Bruckner’s sake!

You better not joke,
You better not snore,
You better take notes
And follow the score
Bruckner Ben is leading the choir