Rubber Chicken

Ever since I heard about Solomon the Rubber Chicken, SCUNA’s mascot, I knew there was potential there. Unusually for me, I actually did something about it. The tune is obvious.

[March 1996]

Rubber chicken, you’re the one,
Think I’ll call you Solomon,
Rubber chicken, you’re awfully wise, it’s true,

Rubber chicken, latex toy,
You’re an alto, not a boy,
Rubber chicken, you’re our featherless friend, that’s you,

Told my mother I
Can’t explain what it is, ma,
Don’t you know that the chicken she
Simply oozes charisma,
(Oh what a feeling!)

Rubber chicken, hear us howl,
You’re our fav’rite floppy fowl!
Rubber chicken, there isn’t a group of –
Rubber chicken, I’d like a whole coop of –
Rubber chicken, we’ll never make soup of you!