Rubber Chicken

Ever since I heard about Solomon the Rubber Chicken, SCUNA’s mascot, I knew there was potential there. Unusually for me, I actually did something about it. The tune is obvious.

March 1996

Rubber chicken, you’re the one,
Think I’ll call you Solomon,
Rubber chicken, you’re awfully wise, it’s true,

Rubber chicken, latex toy,
You’re an alto, not a boy,
Rubber chicken, you’re our featherless friend, that’s you,

Told my mother I
Can’t explain what it is, ma,
Don’t you know that the chicken she
Simply oozes charisma,
(Oh what a feeling!)

Rubber chicken, hear us howl,
You’re our fav’rite floppy fowl!
Rubber chicken, there isn’t a group of –
Rubber chicken, I’d like a whole coop of –
Rubber chicken, we’ll never make soup of you!