The Stranded Sailor

In line with a bit of schtick at Great Southern Gathering, I assembled a filk of The Saucy Sailor on the topic of King Steffan II’s recent disbandment of all the privateers’ companies of the Kingdom.

September 2017

Come my dear one, come my fair one
Come and tell unto me
Could you fancy a bold pirate boy
Who has just come from the sea?

Oh, I’d fancy a bold pirate boy
Yes a pirate boy for me!
Oh, for pirating is a good career,
Lots of prospects, generally!

You are ragged love, you are scruffy love
And your beard could use a trim,
But you must be a wealthy pirate boy
So your future won’t be dim.

Yes, I’m ragged love, and I’m scruffy love,
And my beard is quite the thing
But I currently lack a pirate ship
By decree of the King.

When she heard those words come from him
Then her lovely features fell
If you’re not a wealthy pirate boy
I don’t think you’re worth the smell!

Do you think I’ve no potential?
Do you think I’ll stay poor?
I shall get my letters from the King
And go pirating once more!

I will cross the briny ocean
Seeking unsuspecting ships
And with some other maiden
I shall soon get to grips!

For I’m young, love, and I’m frolicksome,
And my beard proves I’m a man
I will once more be a pirate boy
Soon as Steffan says I can!