Mister G!

I felt a sudden urge to immortalise an old acquaintance in song. This is to the tune of the theme from Dangermouse. I will not be revealing the real identity of this Adonis of a man, though I expect most people who know him will recognise him from the description.

[May 2006]

He’s the coolest!
He’s the suavest!
Wherever there are freshers he’ll be there!
He’s the god!
What a bod!
He’s so healthy, you can see it in his hair!

Mister G!

He’s exotic!
He’s erotic!
He’s a muscle-man with picture-perfect pecs!
Mister G!
(Rescue me!)
He’s the reason why the gods created sex!

Mister G! Mister G! Mister G!!!