From The Known Words 1, long out of print and replaced by The Known Words, which doesn’t include this (among others) due to it being not of sufficiently high standard:

The Lady is a great inspiration; this was more or less a bit of advice I gave myself, and it worked. Coincidentally, she also happens to like it.


Within the heart of every man there lives another soul,
And every beat of mortal span it yearns to have control.
You can’t deny that all you do is full of dark and light,
For life itself, you know it’s true, is one eternal fight.

But I say, damn all the darkness, revile the call of night,
You don’t require eternal fire to teach you wrong and right!
The things we say will fade away, our deeds will pass from sight,
Unless we know the way we go is guided by the light.

The holy man will chant a prayer and we’ll repeat the words,
But no one’s ever seen up there, except perhaps the birds.
If you require a holy song to help you to be good,
Then who am I to say you’re wrong? Enjoy your childhood!

And all the men of romance who dream of ladies fair,
And think they’d have a good chance to find a heaven there;
You look in her direction, in her eyes a light is shown…
Or is it just reflection of the light within your own?

And watch the sainted convict, who suffers for his God,
He’s all consumed by conflict, and he doesn’t think it’s odd,
That all the sins he wails of, so high upon his shelf,
He only knows the tales of, for he’s never tried himself!

So who has the answer, you ask impatiently,
If not the priest or prancer or the hermit up a tree?
At every intersection, when a choice you have to make,
The difficult direction is the one you’re wise to take.