Rudolph the Teenage Human

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer has always annoyed me for its underlying message, but it took a translation from rangifer tarandus to homo sapiens to explain why.  Verdict: both the original and this rewrite are basically nasty.

December 2019

Rudolph the teenage human
Had a syndrome diagnosed.
Look at his parents’ faces:
This is worse than they supposed.

All of his fellow humans
Used to leave him far behind;
They were afraid of cooties,
Some contagion ill-defined.

Then one tricky class in Maths,
Rudolph showed his skills.
Such a bold instinctive grasp
Made his sneering classmates gasp.

Then how the humans “loved” him,
As the humans always do:
Prove you can still be useful,
They’ll ignore your oddness too!