We All Dread The Weather

What a difference five years of Easter drought makes!  We all got to the new Festival site and this strange translucent wet stuff began falling from the sky and everyone went berko.  This is to the tune of We All Stand Together by Paul McCartney, about that.

[April 2009]

(Camp camp camp
Camp camp camp
Camp, camp-camp-camp-SPLOSH!)

Dame or serf, squire or King,
Festival’s here, let the party begin
Tents are pitched, garb’s unpacked
We all dread the weather…

(Camp camp camp
Camp camp GLOOP!)

Drink your ale, watch a fight;
Handsome wench flirts with a beautiful knight;
‘Way on high, clouds float by:
We all dread the weather.

Drenching our tents in the night
Drip drip drip splash
Wake in the night,
Tent looks a fright…

Sail or swim, boom or bust,
One thing is certain: it’s better than dust!
Feet in boots, boots in bags…
We all dread the weather.
We all dread the weather!