Y2K The Brave

Another essential topic for filkers in this year of several numeric irrelevancies: the Y2K bug. This is to the tune of Scotland The Brave.

[Spring 1999]

Right there in Revelations,
Saint John informed the nations;
All of his divinations could not be waived!
Satan would be returning,
Hellfire would soon be burning
Then you should think of turning: turn and be saved!

Now with the new millennium
Nearing, it’s true that many a m-
-An goes to church and claims he’s been well-behaved.
But there’s a danger lurking,
All those who have been shirking:
When your machines stop working, hope that you saved!

Way back in distant history
Computers were a mystery
Big, squarish and transistery
Creatures of fear
So, just to stay in budget
Programmers had to fudge it:
Chop off the first two digits of every year.

Data is swiftly dying,
Airplanes no longer flying
Sirens are loudly crying down at Lucas Heights!
Speak your farewell oration
For western civ’lisation
Last one to leave damnation please get the lights!