Thank God I’m A Cessna Boy

John Denver died. I filked Thank God I’m A Country Boy. What more do you need to know?


Well, life on a farm has never been fun,
I get real pissed, threaten Annie with ma gun,
But when I wanna leave, you know I’m gonna run:
Thank God I’m a Cessna boy

A simple kind of life is boring as hell
Gimme moonshine and line or two as well
Police come knockin’ on the cabin where I dwell:
Thank God I’m a Cessna boy.

Well I never fly Qantas, I never fly Ansett,
Got my own plane and a radio headset
Long as I don’t mind gettin’ my feet wet:
Thank God I’m a Cessna boy.

Well I been in movies and on TVs
Singin’ ’bout the country and plantin’ them trees
I’m gettin’ pretty bored, cos you know I’m hard to please
Thank God I’m a Cessna boy

Well, I’ll fly my plane to a bay in California
You’ll think I died, but boy I gotta warn ya
It worked for Elvis, and for Buddy, and Diana
Thank god I’m a Cuban boy!
(Hasta la vista, Annie!)