Fœtus Is A Wanker

An only slightly ironic ode to the amazing conductor Andrew “Fœtus” Wailes. The use of the o-e ligature may be considered cheating, or it may be considered inspired.

[July 1999]

Fairy tale or fable, that he is:
Œdipus, that well-known Mummy’s boy;
Tarzan of the jungle music biz;
Ulysses, en route back home from Troy.
Some have called him rival, direst foe;
If they’re still around, they’re not round here…
Some have called him uncle, cousin, bro;
All have been enriched who hold him near.
What a piece of work, this mighty man!
After all have lost their heads, he stands;
None can match his talent’s depth and span;
Knowing him lends strength to all our hands.
Even as we clap that famous beat
Rhythmically, we worship at his feet.