Some people don’t like the idea that their pastime involves rules, even when the rules are the only thing stopping their pastime dissolving into total amorphous irrelevance. This is not a true story… but it almost is.

December 2017

The SCA is so damned unaccepting!
They make up rules for clothing where they can!
There’s Viking here and Mongol there,
Elizabethan everywhere,
But no one lets me cosplay Iron Man!

The SCA is so damned unaccepting!
They never let me do the things I want!
I tried to help the Scribes, you see,
By doing some calligraphy:
The Provost banned my Times New Roman font!

The SCA is so damned unaccepting!
If anyone complains, it will be them!
A bardic competition ran;
I figured I was just the man.
But no, the judges don’t like Eminem!

The SCA is so damned unaccepting.
You’d think the archers liked a bit of fun,
But no, you should have heard them hoot
The moment I got up to shoot.
It’s like they’d never seen a harpoon gun!

The SCA is so damned unaccepting!
The heralds made me pick a proper name!
They gave me books and sites to read,
But really I don’t see the need:
‘Cause people call me Bilbo just the same…