Black Adam

The blockbuster DC movie Black Adam was not up to the standard set by Marvel’s runaway myth machine, though to be fair it was still more entertaining than Thor: The Dark World or anything involving Doctor Strange.  When I was talking about it to the offspring, I kept slipping and calling it Black Adder, so I realised I needed to filk that mental typo out of my brain.  This is the result.

February 2023

Enormous piles of cash on fire:
It must be DC movie season.
Now which exec will soon retire?
And will this movie be the reason?

Black Adam! Black Adam! You dreamed you’d reach the top!
Black Adam! Black Adam! Your tentpole flick’s a flop!

The Rock, whose mama called him Dwayne,
Had made this his preoccupation
A shame he didn’t use his brain
And pick a Marvel adaptation

Black Adam! Black Adam! You could still be in luck!
Black Adam! Black Adam! They’re casting Howard the Duck!