I tried very hard to write a successful filk song for the Canberra IV revue, but somehow the filk of The Devil Went Down To Georgia (entitled The Tenor Went Down To Canberra) just never worked. But in the mean time I dashed this one off, and created (or at least recognised) a legend! I imagine the tune is obvious.

[June 1996]

And did that phone, at concert time, ring like a budgie, loud and long?
And did that boy commit the crime, and leave his mobile phone switched on?
It did not cease from shrill alarm, but caused the very greatest harm,
Because it proved, for all to see, the basses were a tone off key!

Bring me my hair of faded gold, bring me my Tim Brooke-Taylor smile,
Bring me my car – it may be old, bring me my chariot for hire!
He’s such a sweet and lovely boy, he’s such a cute and cuddly toy,
And we all love our Woodykins, despite his multitude of sins.