They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Fish

There’s a nice little cartoon or quote going around, in which a businessman asks Jesus if he should stick a fish sticker on his car to show his customers that he’s a Christian. Jesus suggests that perhaps he could show that by his actions instead. I have a nasty feeling that the punch-line is lost on the sort of people who do have those stickers. That’s probably true of this song too, which is to the tune of the turgid old 1960s hymn, They’ll Know We Are Christians.

November 2019.

We are well-off Australians, we have homes and careers,
We are well-groomed and sober, we are blessed by the years,
And we pray that the young and poor will just disappear,

But they’ll know we are Christians by our fish, on our cars
Yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our fish.

We will read The Australian, we will read Herald Sun,
We’re concerned that the youth are taking drugs, having fun
And we’re sure that they’re slackers, moral voids every one

We will state our opinions, we will vote with our feet
We will write to our Members, at their office we’ll meet
And we’ll ask why these rabble have to march in the street

All praise to our businessmen, who safeguard our gold,
And all praise to our bishops, if they do what they’re told
And all praise to our leaders, who are bought and are sold