Torch Song

In August 2017, a bunch of neo-nazis waving tiki torches protested the relocation of a statue raised 90 years before by the KKK to commemorate a failed attempt to support the institution of slavery in the USA.  The protesters were caught on camera, and the following weeks saw them identified.  This is about that. It’s to the tune of Morning Has Broken, that hideous old hymn.

August 2017

My life is over.
Everyone hates me.
Even my boss is
Letting me go.
I have a nice car,
Quite large repayments.
How will I cope now,
I’d like to know?

I went out driving,
Out with my buddies:
Off to Virginia,
Out on a spree.
Met up with more guys,
Joined in a protest.
Someone took photos.
Now look at me!

I blame those lefties.
I blame those feminists.
I blame that fake news.
Even police.
We fight for history,
Fight for our whole race,
Fight for our right to
Hate you in peace.

My life is over
Everyone hates me
All that I wanted
Was to be free.
Free from the well-earned
Bad consequences,
Free to ignore that
My real foe is me.