I Travelled To The Sunny North

During the colder months, I’ve always thought of River Haven as my home away from home, and this sentiment was improved when my mock mother- and father-in-law took over as Baron and Baroness. Agro and Glynhavar had been B&B of RH for a long time, and I was expecting many changes when Eleanor and Hrothgar took over; as this song shows, there were changes and there weren’t.


I travelled to the sunny north, to revel at a feast,
Expecting certain constant facts would still remain at least.
But when I reached the River’s shores, I got a big surprise:
The Baron and the Baroness transformed before my eyes!

In River Haven I have found
A thing I’ve never seen:
That Southron Gaard’s not scared of her
And he’s not wearing green!

A greatly unexpected thing, for I would swear it’s true,
‘Twas only weeks or months ago their reign was fresh and new.
But being B&B is hard, and well they’ve earned their rest,
So now a brand new couple rule in fealty to the West.

In River Haven I have found
One thing remains the same:
The people all still call her Mum
And proudly bless his name.