If I Only Had A Crown

This is to the tune of If I Only Had A Brain, from the movie of The Wizard Of Oz.  It just sort of came to me; I have no idea where from.

September 2017.

I could be a mighty monarch
I could set a higher benchmark
I could really get it down
In the chronicles and stories
They would sing of all my glories
If I only had a crown.

I could rule for all the ages
Be praised by bards and sages
A leader of renown.
From a hundred marble statues
I’d be gazing wisely at you
If I only had a crown.

Oh I could tell you why
The peers all act like that
I could work out where their heads are at
If I wore a pointy hat

I would not be all plebeian,
And always disagreein’
An antisocial clown
Oh you know that I’d be right
If I could only learn to fight
Then maybe I could have a crown!