Clara’s Theme

Clara Bonaventure got pelicanned at Festival this year. I wrote this in her honour. It wins the prize for the shortest time from initial composition to when people were singing the song with me without reading it from anything.  The tune is more or less Davey Crocket’s Theme.

April 2017.

The Office of Chirurgeonate got bollixed by the BoD.
Their lawyers said that offering of services is odd.
But here in mighty Lochac land, we do it differently:
So give a call of “Medic” and I’ll tell you what you’ll see:

Clara Bonaventure!
One true chirurgeon queen!

So Clara did her duty, then she dutifully stepped down
With all the praise and gratitude of officers and Crown.
But living in retirement was dull, she came to learn,
So thank the Saints she’s frequently invited to return!

And now the ailing Pelicans, their health extremely poor,
Petition to the Crown to add this Lady to their corps.
With oaths of old Hyppocrates, her peers in turn all speak,
To supplement her angel wings with peerage chain and beak!