My Persona

To the tune of My Sharona, by the Knack, from an idea originally by The Boy Wonder (Gocken de Leeu, age 10 and already filking — that’s my boy!).  The inspiration is all the silly persona stories people make up to explain why a Celtic landsknecht with an Italian hat is fascinated with Mongolian fighting techniques.  Not sure why they don’t all just say “meh, third letter of the acronym, I’m a Lochacian, whatevs”.

July 2018

Oh I wanna get a name, get a name,
Born in somewhere classy, say Barcelona
Then I’ll learn to play the game, to play the game
Gonna be so famous and widely known, huh!

Never do research, why should I?
I can make it sing, only gotta try
Tell you why, it’s a clever thing
My my my I yi woo!
M-m-m-my persona!

Born an out-of-wedlock son, an only son,
Dad’s a Scottish noble and castle owner
Mother was a Persian slave, across the wave,
Dressed up as a man to fight wars alone, huh

Mama fell in love, gave it up
To her Scottish man, then her time was up
I’m her pup, so away I ran
My my my I yi woo!
M-m-m-my persona!
M-m-m-my persona!


Shipwrecked on a foreign shore, amid a war
‘Prenticed to a pirate from old Verona
Ran away to Tokyo, to Tokyo
Got adopted into the Ninja zone, ah!

Never gonna learn to say my name
Gaelic/Japanese, if it’s all the same
Stick with “Fred”, easy as you please.
My my my I yi woo!
M-m-m-my my my I yi woo
M-m-m-my persona!
M-m-m-my persona!
M-m-m-my persona!
M-m-m-my persona!