There’s None So True As Sun-Helm

At Spring War in Mordenvale, 4 October AS XXXII, someone told me the story of Sir Gregory of Loch Swan, and how he fought several fighters to protect a woman fighter whose armour had gotten into a potentially dangerous state. I wrote this in his honour, because I thought that sort of thing deserved recognition in song.

[4 October 1997]

Take your shield and make your way
To where your brothers hold the day,
And fight for glory as you may;
There’s none so true as Sun-Helm.

In the war of Middle and East
A hundred score a side at least
Allied against the jungle beast
The West opposed the Tyger.

The sun upon a helmet shone,
And on the shield a sable swan,
And in the wall he thundered on,
The soldier from the south land.

But when, within the Tyger’s wall,
The soldier heard a lady’s call,
He leapt to where he saw her fall,
Although she wore the foe’s arms.

To save a single lady’s life,
The soldier drew his sharpest knife,
And in the midst of storm and strife,
Defended her from all men.

They met him, by the waning light,
A guard of every belted Knight,
And An Tir’s Queen, that Lady bright
Whose name, unknown, he’d fought for.