Western Coronation

Just when we thought we’d never host another Western event, the inanities of US foreign policy caught up with the lovely Crown Princess Portia and she was deported to Australia. Thus, our final Twelfth Night investiture became her Coronation. This is to the tune of Californication, which I’m pleased with because I always wanted to filk it.

[January 2002]

Fear of foreign violence
Leads to widespread consternation
Customs paranoia
Causes one more deportation
And now it’s up to us to have
A Western Coronation
Off to the edge of the world despite
Her pleas and protestation
The birds may fly in the sky so high
But she’s stuck in another nation
But don’t you fear, we’ll do it here
Your Western Coronation

Call your subjects to the Court
And ask them to be quiet
You’ve never been a real live queen
But you’re sure you’d love to try it
This lass from the sands
Now rules our lands
In our Western Coronation
It’s our Western Coronation

Stewards are there pulling out their hair
It’s a hell of a situation
The howling breeze in the burning trees
Could ignite a conflagration
And ain’t that great, the peers are late
To the Western Coronation!

The hall’s all booked, the food’s been cooked,
It’s a jewel of coordination
We hope like hell it’ll all go well
Or there may be assassinations!
The schedule’s just been blown away
By Western Coronation

Back in AS 29
We had a celebration
The only time that Lochac might
Have this kind of excitation
How could we have known
But history’s shown
Another Western Coronation
Another Western Coronation
Our final Western Coronation