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Composed in honour of the Greesispoone, now a Rowany Festival institution, to the tune of Heather Dale’s Bow To The Throne.

April 2017

Queue for the soup
And queue for the meat
But queue to get punched
Before you can eat
Remember we’re here
For three times a day
So queue to wash up
Then please go away!

Easter is here and the living is easy
Except in the hall of the Spoone that is Greesi.
The greatest of cooks and the strongest, no doubt:
The first to wake up and the last to flake out.

Soup’s guaranteed, potato and leak,
Or ham and split pea if it’s meat that you seek.
The wisest, however, will come in a group
When told there’s a serving of Vicki’s Wog Soup.

Breakfast is bacon, then Plowman’s for lunch.
Biscuits and apples provided to munch.
But what causes pain, and really can hurt
Is if you’re distracted and miss the dessert.