Dragon Ships Upon The Sea

Prince Alfar was annoyed at the lack of Viking songs of a complimentary nature. Knowing that I like a challenge, he set me the task of remedying the lack. This was my first try; the second, more successful try is Hedeby’s Quarter. The tune is a little-known Flanders & Swann tune called Twenty Tons of TNT; those who know both the original song and the Prince in question are invariably amused at the appropriateness.

[Spring War, 1998]

In the icy northern oceans lives a race as pure as snow
Who cannot conceive the notion of surrender to the foe.
No surrender, no retreat, sir; ever on to victory.
You shall tremble when you meet, sir, dragon ships upon the sea.

Every man of every nation (dragon ships upon the sea)
Dreads this fearful revelation (dragon ships upon the sea)
Lombard, Spaniard, Frank, Italian, noble king or peasantry,
Longs to flee upon his stallion dragon ships upon the sea.

Loot and plunder, burn and pillage (dragon ships upon the sea)
Swords can cause excessive spillage (dragon ships upon the sea)
Sue for peace now, if you’re able; be a Viking colony!
Nordic rule is highly stable: dragon ships upon the sea.

Fear the men in furry raiment (dragon ships upon the sea)
Glory is their finest payment (dragon ships upon the sea)
Ragnarok will come hereafter, war to end all wars to be
From one clan alone comes laughter… dragon ships upon the sea.