Oh No Not Again

As I mention elsewhere, the heavies of the SCA are fond of banning stuff they’re not personally into. I think this is the reason they never allow any method of king-making apart from the tourney: they know the first Archer King or Laurel Queen by right of arms will ban their game as their first act, just to finally teach them a little empathy.

I’ve always been outspoken about this kind of bullshit, so I think I can claim that this response, in the style of Pastor Niemöller’s First They Came…, is only 98.5% of a stretch.

[21 September 2006]

First they came for the archers
and I told them to pull their heads in
even though I was not an archer.
Then they came for the fencers
and I asked them if they wouldn’t mind getting a bloody clue
even though I was not a fencer.
Then they came for the archers and the banner-bearers
and I started to get seriously miffed, as did several hundred friends of mine
even though I was still not an archer or a banner-bearer.
Then they came for me
and so I took a hefty broadsword
and rammed it so far up their arses
that they were sneezing rattan fibres for a week.
After that they stopped coming.