Kynan Dale Johns

Composed at Hobart IV, for one of the most hyperactively talented conductors I’ve ever met.

[July 1999]

Kill time, if that’s your wish, and waste your life.
You’ll break no laws by loitering in bed.
No jury will convict, you’ll make no strife,
And even Robespierre won’t have your head.
No need to set yourself some lofty goal
Designed to help you reach the brightest star.
A calmer man is he whose higher soul
Lies dormant like an onion in a jar
Expect the least; avoid that mental stretch;
Join no Crusades, nor seek for Holy Grails,
Or else you’ll join that tragic class of wretch,
He who, when seeking simple boredom, fails!
No hope for peace and calm, if hard you strive:
Success will dog your heels — if you survive!