Mister Jeff

Continuing the tradition I started with Jerusawoody, of recognising choral legends in song, I filked They Might Be Giants’ Birdhouse In Your Soul about the redoubtable and respectable Mr Jeff Christensen, who for many years has been the chronicler of all this choral and intervarsity through his Acts Of The Choristers.

[January 1997]

He’s the oldest bass
He’s not the boldest bass
But he’s a very stately bass
But really he’s not quite the oldest bass
But he is…

Mister Jeff is wearing tails and a black beard
He watches over you
Write a little footnote in your book.
He can be serene when he’s sloggin’,
He can be stately on a toboggan,
Write a little footnote in your book…

While you’re at it,
Leave your white gloves on and
Read us an Act from your book.