Wish You Could Cook

I promise this is not written about any particular member of the SCA. Honest it’s not!

(May 2014)

TTTO Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

So, so I think I can smell, it’s not going well, burnt pies again.
I can smell the green smoke from a pot on the range.
Your flavours are strange!
Don’t you think I can tell?

Did they teach you to bake your veges for days?
Hot custard with beans?
Fruit pie made with sardines?
Cold haggis purée?
Did you just say, to walk on by and ignore your bread rolls turning grey?

How I wish, how I wish you could cook.
We’re just one large hall, and we’re starving and all, just come and look,
Running over the time for court.
We’ll cut it short
I’ll buy a chook
Wish you could cook.