Let ‘Em Vote

Here’s a song that was supposed to be a little bit of frippery about our Mighty Leader, and somehow turned into an in-depth psychological profile of a truly disturbed mind. The tune is Let It Go, from Disney’s Frozen. This is intended to be the second collaboration between me and Élizabeth Hillebrand, under the name The Known Unknowns – see Dumb Ways To Lie for the first.

The moon glows white on the Harbour tonight
From the Point I look across.
This nation is named Australia,
And it looks like I’m the boss.

The crowds are howling like a pack of dogs outside
Never will get in, heaven knows they’ve tried

Can’t they perceive, can’t they agree
I’m the leader I always knew I’d be
Too late to hate, they’ll need to learn
They’ve had their turn

    Let ’em vote, let ’em vote
    Can’t hold me back any more
    Let ’em vote, let ’em vote
    Watch me turn and slam the door
    I don’t care
    What the papers say
    Let them whine all day
    The polls never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how big numbers
Make people seem so small
And the rules that once constrained me
Don’t bother me at all

It’s time to show what I can do
To pay my friends back and win through
No right, no left, there’s only me
I’m free

    Let ’em vote, let ’em vote
    I am loved by the rich and strong
    Let ’em vote, let ’em vote
    I finally belong
    Here I am
    And here I’ll be
    Till I choose to go…

My family gathers, dressed in white, without a word
My staff are standing by, advice is offered, rarely heard
And one goal sings eternal in my beating heart
I’ll never lose this fight
I’ll never fall apart

    Let ’em vote, let ’em vote
    And I’ll win, never mind the odds
    Let ’em vote, let ’em vote
    I’m chosen of the gods
    Here I stand
    This will be my day
    Let them scheme their plans…
    The polls never bothered me anyway